Protective Coveralls

SKU: 654123 Made In: China

Provides barrier and protection for blood, bodily fluids, secretions, etc. of potentially infectious patients exposed to by clinical medical staff at work. Suitable for patients, hospital visitors, and people entering infected areas.


Made of non-woven fabric, our Medical grade protective clothing has a front opening one-piece design. The cuffs, ankles, hat face and waist are all elastically closed for better adhesion.

In each of our coveralls and all of our Medical protective clothing, all seams needle thread is stitched and glued. The stitch pitch is 8 needles to 14 needles per 3cm. The stitches are even and straight. Double sealing rubber strips are added to ensure the air-tightness of medical protective clothing.

The fabric used in medical-grade protective coveralls is outer layer 30g breathable film + inner layer 30gPP nonwoven fabric (100% polypropylene) + 3g glue, 100% polypropylene, without fillers, adhesives, and silicon. The special coating treatment makes the surface smooth and repels inorganic liquids, effectively prevents chemical substances from splashing, and at the same time makes harmful ultra-fine solid dust difficult to adhere. Strong and durable, comfortable to wear, breathable, lightweight, and good protection.

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